Bastille: A Musical Revolution

Posted: November 18, 2014 in Music
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This past week, my girlfriend Whitney and I went to a Bastille concert. We had been planning on going to this concert for several months–since before we had even started dating–so we were ready to finally see our plans through.

Or so we thought.

Little did we realize that, even though our ears were ready for this concert, our bodies were definitely not. And no, I don’t mean that in the YouTube-comment sort of way, as in “My body is not ready for the masterpiece that is Taylor’s new CD!” I mean that our bodies were literally not ready… Whitney almost blacked out, and I experienced intense stomach pains, courtesy of a particularly unwise choice I had made earlier to eat microwaved chicken alfredo.

Clearly some Satanic force was trying to stop us from enjoying what was otherwise a heavenly concert experience–and by Satanic forces, I mean poor food-related decisions–because other than the pain/health scares, the concert was perfect!

It was without a doubt the best live vocal performance I have ever heard, and I have been to over two other concerts! OK, so that’s not actually very impressive, but just trust me… the vocals were so amazing, it was almost disturbing. Usually I sing along when I go to concerts, but this time I completely forgot to sing along until the very last song; I was too busy being awestruck by the lead singer’s amazing live performance. It was almost like I didn’t want to taint his singing with my own, for to do so would have been a sin! Don’t get me wrong, the rest of the band did a stand-up job too. But I feel that, no matter how talented a band is, the lead singer is ultimately the one who makes or breaks the quality of the performance. And in this case, the lead singer definitely made it.

The lead singer also seemed like a fun guy to be around in general, and he may very well be my newest man crush. He danced as he sang, as every lead singer should at a concert like this, and his dancing consisted mostly of jumping around and walking like a gangster on a treadmill… which actually was a lot cooler than you would think. It might have been distracting for some, but I thought it added to the performance. Toward the end of the concert, he claimed that he was the worst dancer in Utah, but he clearly hasn’t been to any church dances here lately. He would also say, “Thank you so much!” after every song, which would be polite coming from anyone, but his British accent made it sound about 400 times more polite than it would have otherwise, as British accents tend to do.

Now, in the weeks leading up to the concert, I told several different people about my plans to see Bastille. More often than not, their response was, “Bastille? That sounds like something a French person listens to.” To which I responded with a resounding “A-a oh, a-oh! A-a oh, a-oh!” from their most popular song by far, Pompeii.

After that, people would usually say, “Oh, the guys who sing Pompeii? I love that song! I don’t really know any of their other songs, but that one’s really good!” Then I would punch them in the face… which, in hindsight, probably wasn’t the best idea–I lost quite a few friends that way. But at least I defended Bastille’s honor.

Like many other bands, Bastille has many more gems in their music catalog than just the hit that everybody knows. Look them up on Spotify and see for yourself. I dare you to not like their other songs.

One very unique aspect of Bastille is that they never sing about love. Not. One. Single. Song. About. Love. It’s kind of refreshing, honestly. Even though I don’t hate love anymore, I still enjoy hearing music about something other than sex and finding “the one and only.” Here are just a few of the topics Bastille chooses to sing about rather than romance:

Laura Palmer: A fictional character from a cult classic TV series

Twin Peaks was a short-lived series in the 90s that involved a murder mystery, a dancing midget, and a woman who has a pet log? It is a bizarre show, to say the least, but also very intriguing. The show’s premise revolves around solving the murder of Laura Palmer, a young woman with a dark past. So why wouldn’t Bastille write a song about her?

Icarus: A Greek myth

Everybody knows about Icarus, right? You know, the guy who flew too close to the sun? If you don’t know about him, don’t feel too bad… I actually had never heard the story of Icarus until I heard this song, because Arizona education.

Laughter Lines: Those lines you develop overtime from laughter

OK, so it’s not just about laughter-induced wrinkles. It’s also about getting older in general, how things change just like appearances change.

There are many other Bastille songs about various topics, but hopefully those few songs gave you a taste of what to expect from this band’s discography. I can’t help but feel that other artists should take a page out of Bastille’s book and start branching out in their music as well. They could start a musical revolution!

In fact, I have some suggestions for future song titles/topics:

  • Fluctuating gas prices
  • Those headmassager things

    This girl is thinking, "They should make a song about this someday!"

    This girl is thinking, “They should make a song about this someday!”

  • Parakeets
  • Daylight saving’s time
  • Cholesterol
  • That weird gunk you get in the corners of your eyes when you sleep
  • Clipping your toenails
  • Universal health care

See? There are so many other potential topics for songs besides love! On the off chance that a singer actually reads this blog and follows my advice, I fully expect writing credits. These songs are sure to become hits!


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