What’s My Age Again?

Posted: February 23, 2015 in Age, Life, Music
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How old are you?

Be honest. Did you have to think for just a second before you remembered the correct answer to that question? If not, have you ever been momentarily stumped about how old you are?

(All of these questions are purely hypothetical, of course, so please don’t start leaving comments like “you don’t ever ask a woman her age!” or I will delete the internet!)

Seriously though, there have been times where I had to think for a moment after somebody asked how old I was. The doctors say it’s because my mom dropped me on my head as a child. The other day, my co-worker asked me how old I was, and I just automatically said, “Five.” I had completely forgotten that I’m actually 24! OK, so that didn’t really happen. More often I will think for just a split second that I’m a year or two younger than I am. It’s like my mind hasn’t quite caught up with my body. Though my body’s actually behind my mind in some ways, because I look a lot younger than I am. I’m sure that will be an advantage someday… but for now, it’s just annoying.

For those of you who, like me, sometimes have a difficult time remembering their own age, fear no more! Lucky for us, we live in a world where music is constantly reminding us what life feels like at any given age.

This upcoming Sunday, I will be turning 25. Unfortunately, there is no song that I know of that describes this age, so I have no idea what to expect. All I know is that I will most likely have a quarter-life crisis of some kind… except I’m hoping the one I had at age 24 will suffice.

In the days leading up to my birthday, I will be taking a walk down memory lane via this blog. Unfortunately for all of you, I found enough songs to do DAILY mini-blog posts on Monday through Saturday of this week, which means my blog will be disgracing the interwebs for the next six days in a row. Yep, that’s right, I’m going to become one of THOSE people. But only temporarily… after the week is over, I will resume my old life of only posting sporadically.

In each of these “mini-blog posts,” I will highlight just a few of the songs that refer to specific ages. I will post a youtube link for each song just in case you want to listen, but if you don’t, I will list some key lyrics from each song that I feel describe the age quite nicely. As an added bonus, I will post a picture of what I looked like at each age, because nostalgia.

Ignore these posts if you must. Whether you read them or not, I’m sure they will become a hit. I expect over two Americans and one random person from Lithuania to have read one of these posts by the end of the week, so yeah, they’re a pretty big deal.

And without further ado, we will start with the first step in this ridiculously unnecessary walk down memory lane.

Age 13: You’re not asleep, but it’s a nightmare.

Oh, teenage angst! How I miss you.

Age 13 was probably the second year of my “awkward phase,” a period of my life that lasted for fifteen years. No, you didn’t do the math wrong… The awkward phase actually isn’t over: I still have over two years to go!

I was in 7th grade at the time, and I could count the amount of friends I had on one hand. I’m kidding, of course… you can’t count to zero on your hands! I was in a period of violently uncomfortable transition at this point. Not only because my acne–which had started as early as 4th grade, lucky me–was acting up worse than ever… and not just because hair was starting to grow from places I didn’t even know could grow hair (stop being grossed out, you guys, it’s natural… grow up). The main transition was finding my place in the lunch room. I had lost most of my friends to that complete skank Pepper Ann (who, contrary to popular belief, was NOT much too cool for 7th grade, thank you very much), so I was forced to take my talents elsewhere. I was quickly rejected from the athletic table once they figured out that I was scared of large, round objects flying at my face. So I moved to the nerd table, but even they were too cool for me. In the end, I found friends in a group of people that I had never realized I could be friends with before. This group of people were called “girls.” I succumbed to the cooties, and before I knew it, I had friends again. Way to go, 13-year-old self! And a big high five (because that’s what I did as a 13-year-old, since I hadn’t learned how to hug yet) to P!nk (because I know you’re reading this!) for perfectly describing my experience as a teenage girl… I mean boy!

Me at age 13

Me at age 13


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