15 – There’s Still Time For You

Posted: February 24, 2015 in Age, Life
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Age 15: There’s still time for you.

By age 15, I was coming to the end of my freshman year of high school, which was pretty much everything that 7th grade was not. I loved being a freshman. I OWNED the school that year, with the tiny little exception that I did not even own it in the slightest. But I made lots of friends… granted, I can’t remember most of them anymore, but I’m pretty sure there was a girl named Joan who tried to sell me illegally imported cupcakes behind the school barn. I politely refused, not because the cupcakes were illegally imported, but because they contained mint. Come on, Joan! You know I hate mint. That’s a rookie mistake.

There are three things you should know about me at age 15.

1) Joan is not a real person, and there were no illegally imported mint cupcakes to be spoken of.
2) I was an extreme band geek. I called the band room my “second home” and my AOL screen name was “Band Geek 4Ever.” I’m not proud, but it’s a part of my past that I have to live up to.
3) There’s not really a third thing, but I believe all lists should come in threes.

Now, there is at least one other song I could have potentially used to describe myself at age 15. The song that comes to mind is Taylor Swift’s “Fifteen.” The reasons I chose not to use this song were threefold:

1) I never had any dreams of dating a boy on the football team.
2) I think Taylor Swift is secretly evil. No woman disses both Tina Fey and Katy Perry and escapes my judgment. Having said that, “Blank Space” is the bop of our generation and should probably win a Grammy at some point. But regardless, EVIL!!!!
3) Again, all lists should come in threes.

“100 Years” is a better fit because at age 15, you literally do have your whole life ahead of you. Well, except for those fifteen years that have already passed.

I was so wide-eyed and innocent my freshman year, I might as well have been a doe– a deer, a female deer. But I was no doe. I was a freshman boy. And I thought high school and band were the epitome of awesomeness. How stupid I was. OK, maybe I wasn’t stupid. I got an A in Ms. Kotalik’s Honors English class, which is the equivalent to winning a presidential election… for the student body of your preschool, not the United States. Sorry, that was misleading. The point is, the class was hard, but I did well in it. So maybe I wasn’t actually stupid, but I was certainly naive. But it’s OK because I still had lots of time to grow up, just as the song suggests. What’s my excuse now?? (Insert scared emoticon here. Or maybe just one of those emoticons that looks like poop, for no particular reason.)

Me at age 15

Me at age 15


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