My First Blog Post as a Married Man

Posted: October 30, 2015 in Honeymoon, Life, Marriage, Relationships
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The last time I published a blog post, I was getting ready to move a whole 43 miles north of where I was currently living and start a brand new chapter of my life. Almost three months have passed since that last post, and while 43 miles might seem like something that is barely even worth blogging about, the truth is that a lot has changed about my life since I moved. Of course, that’s not a coincidence. My life didn’t change because I moved. I moved because my life was about to change.

wedding 3

On August 15, 2015, I got married, much to the surprise to anyone who has known me for more than five seconds. One person, upon hearing the news of my pending nuptials, proclaimed, “Miracles do happen!” We are no longer friends. There is such a thing as getting too excited over hearing that your friend is getting married, people.

wedding 5

Anyway, that is neither here nor there. The wedding went very well. It was NOT like every wedding episode on every TV show ever where something goes terribly wrong. Sure, there were some minor hiccups, but no exes showed up proclaiming their undying love, and nobody tried to run away. So all things considered, I’d say it went pretty well.

wedding Day

Since my wife already feels that people are starting to get sick of our love, I will only share a few pictures from our honeymoon, which was spent on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.

We were a little obsessed with pina coladas.

We were a little obsessed with pina coladas. And yes, we were sunburned pretty badly.

We didn't actually swim with the dolphins, but we got to see them up close!

We didn’t actually swim with the dolphins, but we got to see them up close!

I like turtles.

I like turtles.

Photo-bombed by a fish!

Photo-bombed by a fish!


Kauai is called the “Garden Island.” I wonder why?! 😛


Don’t be jealous of how attractive we are.

DSCF3532Hawaii was awesome, but eventually it was time to go back to real life… a job for me, school for her, and the normal day-to-day struggles that are just a natural part of living.

People said marriage would be a difficult adjustment, but for me, the difficult adjustment has not been in the marriage itself, but in the status of being married… you know, marking the “Married” box on all the doctors’ forms and referring to “My wife.” I think maybe, just maybe, I’m starting to get used to all of that, but the feeling comes and goes.

Other than that, the only difficult adjustment has been overcoming the writer’s block that has plagued me since I got married, which is why I haven’t posted up until now.

As I have considered my post-marital blogging struggles, one of my favorite episodes of 30 Rock comes to mind. In this episode, Liz is on the hunt for a new female best friend. Not really knowing how to relate to other women (or anybody for that matter), she approaches a group of women and tries to start a conversation with this awkward opener:

liz lemon

Ever since I got married, whenever I sit down and try to write a blog post, I feel like Liz Lemon walking up to that group of women. Do I have to start blogging like other married people I know? Am I supposed to share my favorite crockpot recipes and inspiring quotes from famous people about love??


Let’s be real for a minute and just address the elephant in the room: married people are boring, and so are their blogs. Everybody knows that the best blogs are written by jaded singletons! Their cynical and self-deprecating ways just make for good blogging.

That is why I briefly considered ending my blogging career once I got married. But then I decided it would be cruel to deny the world of my writings. And by the world, I mean the two people I pay to read my posts (thanks Mom and Dad!!)

So for now, this blog isn’t going anywhere. And most likely, it won’t change that much. I may drink diet sodas now, and yes, my average bedtime has shifted from midnight to 9:30, but other than that, I’m still the same Matthew you all knew and hated loved before I got married. I still struggle with insecurities. I’m still trying to figure out this life one day at a time. I still think the world is stupid and will take advantage of any opportunity to make fun of everything and everyone. I am nothing if not consistent. I’m just a boy, sitting in front of a computer, wanting to blog about his thoughts, experiences, and the occasional random gif that doesn’t really make any sense but that I like to share because I think it’s funny, like this one:

monkey phone


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